Wines - Europe, Italy

               ITALY WHITE

 2                   Garda Chardonnay 2 Litre

                     Fresh, youthful, extremely fine, and fruity.

2                   Trebbiano 2 Litre

                     Unoaked, resulting in a clean and fresh palate with citrus and floral notes.

2                   Trevinum Pinot Grigio

                     Fragrant, with a lemon scented nose.

2                   Trevinum Sauvignon

                     Fresh and intense with scents of green peppers.

2                   Zenegaglia Trebbiano

                     Soft easy drinking wine, with a delicate almondy flavour.

2                   Golden Grape Chardonnay

                     Fresh, youthful, extremely fine, and fruity.

2                   Golden Grape Pinot Grigio

                     Attractively full-flavoured, well balanced with a lingering finish.

4                   Orvieto Classico, Amabile

                     Gentle and soft, with a hint of peach fruit and almonds, with a medium sweet edge.

2                   Orvieto Classico Secco, Bigi

                     Gentle and soft, with a hint of peach fruit and almonds.

2                   Garda Black Label Pinot Grigio

                     Fruity, well balanced with floral hints.

2                   Garda Black Label Lugana

                     A delicate fragrance, dry and fruity.

2                  Frascati Superiore

                     Dry and fruity, with a crisp clean finish.

2                   Fontana Candida Frascati Superiore

                     Delicate, wild flower and almond scented refreshment.

2                   Golden Grape Soave

                     Good crisp flinty style.

2                   Zaccagnini Verdicchio

                     Very elegant, soft fresh style with hints of Hazelnuts.

2                   Soave Classico, Bolla

                     Apricots with creamy almonds.

2                   La Caplana Gavi de Gavi

                     Elegant, refreshing, fruity with scents of Green apples.


               ITALY ROSE

2                   Trevinum Pinot Grigio Blush

                     Just off dry, a fashionable choice on numerous wine lists.

2                   Golden Grape Bardolino/Chiaretto

                     Dry with a fruity aroma of wild berries.

2                   Golden Grape Pinot Grigio Blush

                      Fresh and fragrant showing cherry and rose aromas.

2                   Carlo Zenegaglia Bardolino/Chiaretto Classico Rosato

                     Dry, well balanced, fresh and fruity.

                ITALY RED

B                   Garda Merlot 2 Litre

                     Ruby red in colour, with fruity notes.

C                   Montepulciano 2 Litre

                     A rich full flavoured wine with spicy plummy fruit and generous ripe tannins on the finish.

B                   Trevinum Merlot

                     Ruby red in colour, with fruity notes.

C                   Trevinum Montepulciano

                     Dry full bodied, soft and rounded with fine balance.

B                   Golden Grape Merlot

                     Ruby red with violet tinges.

B                   Golden Grape Cabernet

                     Elegant with floral notes, and with hints of wild currants.

D                   Carlo Zenegaglia Valpollicella Classico Brown Label

                     A dry and very harmonious full bodied wine.

C                   Carlo Zenegaglia Valpollicella Classico Red Label

                     A fresh fruity style with ripe juicy tannins.

B                   Carlo Zenegaglia Cabernet Brown Label

                     Full bodied wine, with an intense nose of ripe fruit and a light vanilla background.

B                   Carlo Zenegaglia Il Barone Cabernet

                     Matured in Oak Cherry Barrels for 10 months, smooth and elegant on the palate.

B                   Bardolino Classico Red Label

                     Typically light bodied with a fresh fruity character.

C                   Montefluno Cabernet Red Label

                     Dry, harmonious and velvety and can enhance any food.

B                   Chianti doc

                     Outstanding aromas of red berries, and subtle notes of plums.

C                   Chianti Classico

                     Dry and full bodied with great power and elegant structure.

D                   Chianti Colli Senesi Riserva

                     A subtle and persistant wine with dark cherry fruit aroma.

C                   Nero D'Avola Sicilia

                     Overtly fruity with sweet wild berries and a touch of spice.

C                   Barbera D'Asti

                     Intense bouquet with a scent of wild cherries.

D                   Carlo Zenegaglia Flune

                     Very fruity, luscious and intense, aged for 12 months. 2 months in barrique.

E                   Amarone della Valpolicella

                     Produced from extra matured grape, very rich and intense.

D                   Piazzo Barolo

                     A wine with great complexity and smoothness.